Social Media

Social media is now a serious business as potential customers are increasingly looking at social media feeds. Each person who 'likes' your Facebook page is giving your company a personal endorsement – and with many people having around 100 friends and those friends having a similar number, it is easy to see how good or bad news can spread like wildfire.

Social media is serious business and worth investing time and energy into. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you need to take advantage of the opportunities social media feeds offer.

A key reason for using social media, but not the only one, is that Google now uses Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others to rank your website. So if Search Engine Optimisation is a priority, and it probably is, let us help you.

We manage the social media feeds for a number of companies who want regular and quality content and to engage with existing and new friends and followers. We love this area of work and are achieving some excellent results for clients.