Search Engine Optimisation

The work we do to help with search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly important. Getting as high up in the 'organic' rankings as possible is critical to your success - especially if you don't have huge budgets to spend on advertising. Even if you do, people searching for you business tend to look at content that has not been paid for rather than the ads on the right hand side of the page.

So how can we help? There are are range of ways - from achieving editorial with links to your website on sites that are highly respected to creating interesting content and posting it on on-line news sites. We can also work with you to generate great content that can be used across your social media channels as well as your own website and blogs. It's well known that fresh, well written content is attractive to Google robots and will help your rankings.

We can also look at ways of getting links from quality websites back to your site. It's no good just having a link however - that's seen as 'cheating' - you need to have link that has some context.

Don't listen to anyone who says they have all the answers when it comes to SEO - no one has because Google deliberately changes the way it operates to make sure people can't cheat the system