What we do

Public Relations and Marketing 

People are never quite sure what public relations is and how to define marketing. At Blueberry, we don't get hung up on definitions but focus on what we can do to meet your needs and help you succeed. Work with us and together we’ll look at different ways to raise your profile or improve how you communicate with stakeholders, before working closely with you to develop a PR plan that fits with your marketing strategy and future plans for your business.

We are driven by results and always have the outcomes you need at the forefront of our minds. With decades of experience between us working with brands ranging from Rentokil to Disney, we are confident we can work in most sectors whether it's B2C of B2B. If we can't, or don't think your business fits with our values or interests, we'll let you know very quickly.

Our PR and communication services can be tailored to suit your budget and can include media campaigns, press release writing and distribution and copy writing. We can also manage your social media feeds. Several of our team members have worked for the emergency services so if you need crisis communication experts, Blueberry is the perfect choice.to help communicate your message to stakeholders.

Current customers range from national companies with multi-million pound turnovers to SMEs, not-for-profit organisations, small local businesses and start-ups. Whatever size or sector you are in, ring us on 01435 830031 to discuss your needs.