Christmas trees are thriving this year despite the dry Summer

16th October 2018

Clive in his new plantation

As he celebrates 30 years in business, a Sussex Christmas tree farmer is quashing rumours that the heatwave has affected the growth of festive firs.

In fact, the owner of Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm Clive Collins says that his trees are looking very healthy, and even his new plantation is growing well.

“The situation was helped by a rainy Spring and the fact that we used liquid fertiliser early in the season. Christmas trees originate from Alpine areas which can be quite dry for long periods - that means they can cope with dry weather and high temperatures. The trees are looking really well and the needles are glossy. There definitely won’t be a shortage here,” he explained.

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm grows a variety of fir trees in order to offer customers a wide choice.  Every year, Clive plants several thousand new trees to replace the ones that have been harvested. Each tree needs careful maintenance, such as pruning, over a seven-year period to create the perfect shape. The team also grow potted trees.

The farm opens to the public on 17th November until Christmas Eve.

To recognise the achievement of 30 years in business, Clive has got 1,000 baby trees to give away this season when purchasing a real tree. Clive explains: “Planting trees is good for the environment. We thought that to give customers the chance to grow their own tree would be a lovely thing to do to celebrate this milestone."

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm has one simple philosophy – to provide the best-quality trees in Sussex at the best possible prices. Customers especially like the option of reserving their tree in the plantation with a ribbon. The tree is then cut nearer to the time they want to take it home.

When the festive barn shop is open, Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm is the place for Christmas, offering tree stands, lights, decorations and wreaths under one roof.

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The image shows Clive in his new plantation.