Winning Awards

Posted by suzichristie on July 26, 2016

Last month we told you about the importance of entering business awards, but one thing we didn’t tell you is - award ceremonies can be really good fun, especially when your client wins. Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be with Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm when they won two awards at the 1066 Business Awards.

Catsfield is an unusual client because they are only open for one month before Christmas - after all, no one wants a Christmas Tree in June! Because they are only open for a short period of the year, they have to make a full year’s worth of sales in roughly 1/12 of the year and as the founder of Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm, Clive Collins, noted in our recent press release:

“Where most businesses have 12 twelve months and multiple visits to make an impression that will bring repeat custom - we only have one chance so that customers will return the following year.”

Catsfield manages to achieve this by working to sticking to one simple philosophy – to provide the best-quality trees in Sussex at the best possible prices. With the time constraints running a Christmas tree farm has upon it, Clive and his business partner, Phil Reynolds, understand the importance of exceptional customer service. They don’t just offer home-grown Christmas trees, they now offer bespoke wreaths, Christmas lights, delivery, recycling - in fact, the whole Christmas experience. This combination of outstanding customer service and offering customers everything they need for Christmas helps to explain why they have seen considerable business growth during the last few years and why they were awarded Best Small Business at the 1066 Business Awards.

But, as I said, they won two awards - the second was a bit of a surprise for Clive. We felt that Clive should also be entered for Business Personality of the Year. Clive’s story is one of not just overcoming the odds, but actually pushing the boundaries of what is possible and achieving considerable success.

Following an accident which left him spinally injured, Clive’s boundless enthusiasm has seen him overcome adversities which would have stopped most people in their tracks. Using specially adapted equipment, Clive is able to do much of the work on the farm himself. This means, when you buy a Catsfield Christmas tree, you are buying a product which largely reflects one man’s expertise, enthusiasm and courage. We felt that this dedication, coupled with such a positive attitude, was one which needed to be acknowledged.

As Phil Reynolds articulated:

“Being presented with the Business Personality of the Year award came as a huge surprise to Clive, but it is one which is richly deserved.”

Over the years, Blueberry has been lucky enough to win a few awards and we’ve been present when our client’s win theirs. Beyond the marketing and business advantages of competing in awards, they are also a great way to reward staff and show your appreciation for their hard word.

After all, everyone likes to work for a successful company and one way to see you are working for a successful company is when they win awards.

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