Posted by suzichristie on February 15, 2018

We’ve has a busy few weeks since we received our award at the CIPR PRide Awards 2017 and this has been reflected in the absence of a blog for two months. It must also be noted, Christmas is a very busy time for us as two clients sell seasonally – Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm and Badgers Mead Farm – and I’m pleased to say they reported excellent sales in 2017.

There was a third reason – inspiration. I don’t like to just sit down and write 1,000 words on any subject and think “that’ll do”. I need to have a purpose for what I write in a blog. It is exactly the same when I write for a client; I have to be fully invested in what I’m writing about at the time. I will often find myself becoming an expert on the client’s topic for the three hours before, during and after writing. It allows me better control of the facts in order to construct better prose and create greater clarity.

Sometimes, however, inspiration is lacking and for January, this was a problem. Luckily, we are fortunate to work with some truly inspirational people and that has generated my sparkle of inspiration for February’s blog.

I am writing this on 14th February – Valentine’s Day – the day of romance! But for those who are currently without that special someone it can be a lonely day. We recently wrote a press release for The Heathfield News, which has teamed up with Cuckoo Hair, in Heathfield, to promote a day of hugs - ‘In DA HUG with MAGNUS’ – performed by the inspirational Magnus Agugu. Magnus is a qualified healing masseur, who delivers the most wonderful spiritual massages and hugs. Talking about the hugs he says:

 “A hug with me and your day is different. A power hug of 20 seconds will allow endorphin levels to drop and serotonin to kick in.”

Magnus visits Melinda Joy Opticians, Halo..., the greengrocers, and Wanted On Voyage Ltd. in Healthfield

Magnus has a truly inspirational story. Raised by his mother as one of six in a one bedroom flat in Brixton, Magnus has gone on a journey of self-discovery, finding not only love but also inner peace and a deep, resonating spirituality, which he now brings to his clients.

On a different sort of journey, we also prepared a press release for former international long-distance runner, Julia Chi Taylor. Julia became a nomad several years ago, divesting herself of most of her belongings, which she says allows her the freedom to explore the world more fully. Now, at the age of 58, she is about to set out on an exciting new adventure – running barefoot across Spain in aid of charity. In total, she will cover 1006 km in 52 days and is hoping to raise more than £10,000 for two charities - Friends of Sussex Hospices and Fundación Cudeca. To donate to these worthwhile causes, click here.