A hat-trick of shortlistings in one week in July!

Posted by suzichristie on July 25, 2019

As August approaches and many companies and journalists  start to think about summer holidays, it is lovely to have some great news relating to your clients. It is even better when that news is tripled!

Last week, one of our long-standing clients Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm let us know they had been shortlisted in the Best Rural Retail Business Category at the South East Rural Business Awards. I’ve talked before about the amazing work Clive, Emma and Phil do at Catsfield – they really do create a one-stop shop for all you Christmas needs. What is even more impressive is that, to be shortlisted in the Rural Retail Category, they are up against businesses that operate all year round. Catsfield has only the short period running up to Christmas to operate and yet they achieve as much in that time as others do in a year.

Part of the reason for that success is the staff they have. Clive, Emma and Phil work incredibly hard but they couldn’t do it without a team of dedicated, hardworking individuals. One them, Toby Ballard, has also been shortlisted in the category, ‘Rural Young Person of the Year’.  

This wasn’t the only good news we’ve had from the South East Rural Business Awards. In comparison to Catsfield, Konzepts has only been with us for a short time. Started by Sue Harbottle-Sear in 2016, Konzepts specialises in helping rural businesses engage with the wider world through digital media. Helping build low-cost websites and managing social media channels, this company is dedicated to helping rural companies reap the advantages of the online world.

Just after we heard from Catsfield, Sue contacted me to tell me she had also been shortlisted for two awards – ‘Best Rural Start Up’ and ‘Best Rural Digital, Communications or Media Business’.

The winners of the South East Rural Business Awards will be announced at a special presentation on 18th October at the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge in Canterbury. Fingers crossed! We have been invited to attend by Clive and the team which is a real honour.

But surely, I said three pieces of good news! Well, yes indeed.

During the same week we also heard from Paul Bates at Cleankill Pest Control that the company had been shortlisted for two awards at the Croydon Business Excellence Awards 2019. Cleankill has long recognised the importance of entering business awards. Over the years, they have won numerous awards for everything from ‘Best Green Business’ and ‘Best Business for Staff Training and Development’, to ‘Best Medium Company’ and ‘Company of the Year’ at the British Pest Control Awards. To see a list of some of their achievements, click here.

We never take success for granted and over the years they have had a rollercoaster ride at the Croydon Business Excellence Awards – some years they win, and on others they don’t. As Paul’s blogs about the subject show, however, it is the taking part that is important and that is what really benefits your business.

This year they are shortlisted for ‘Best Business for Customer Service’ and ‘Best Employer’.

Obviously, this is great news for our customers and we are so pleased for them. It is also great news for Blueberry as we wrote the award entries. Over the years, we have become very good at helping companies present themselves in the right way. Our reputation for success means we have even received calls from the North East to help with an award application for a Newcastle-based residential lettings agency.

Writing these awards entries means really getting under the skin of the business and then telling their story in the best possible way.  We need to understand, for example, the way pest control businesses function, and then present that in the best possible way to the judging panel. Both we and the client are particularly proud of the way Cleankill has won awards for ‘Best Green Business’. What might seem like an unnatural fit, ‘green’ and ‘pest control’, obviously becomes understandable when we write about it.

For help with entering business awards, contact us on 07590 591140 or email suzi@blueberry-pr.co.uk