Business Award Season

Posted by suzichristie on June 23, 2016

There always seems to be a deadline approaching and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete them – this is the problem of entering business awards.

When you are actually running your business day-to-day, it can seem that there just aren’t enough spare hours in the day to complete all the questions that a business award application requires. Even if you have the facts at your fingertips, and how many of us have instant recall of all our business data, most of us don’t have the time necessary to put that down on paper.

This week we have been working on three award applications for Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm. Catsfield has asked us to complete entries for three categories in the 1066 Business Awards: Best Small Business, Best Customer Service, and Business Personality for owner, Clive Collins.

However long you have known the business and the personalities involved, it is always difficult to know how to get that down on paper. In most cases, the applications have a strict word count requiring you to be efficient with your use of English. If you are lucky, you have more facts and examples than you can reasonably fit into the space. When this happens, you must focus on the nuggets and hint that there may be more which the judges could consider, if the word count was larger.

Many businesses never get round to entering business awards because they fear they will cost too much, that they don’t really know what the judges are looking for, and of course, that they don’t have enough time to do the paperwork. For Blueberry PR, writing a business award entry is reminiscent of writing a press release – it is just a matter of asking the right questions, finding the best stories, and putting that down on paper in a way which will catch the attention of the judges. You must always remember the judges will be trawling through a number of applications, each telling them that their company is the best at the award category. As a writer, we need to make it clear that those statements are a given and that the company has so much more to offer in this category.

When it comes to business awards, Blueberry PR has had great success working with Cleankill (Environmental Services) Ltd. Blueberry PR has been working with Cleankill for six years and has been helping them with award entries since 2012. Cleankill covers a very large area of the South-east of England and so, for them, it is sensible that they enter business awards in a number of different areas, including: Croydon, Lewes, Gatwick Diamond, Seaford and Peacehaven.

With Cleankill, we have helped them achieve well-deserved success in categories such as: Best Customer Service, Best SME, Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year and, particularly pleasing, Best ‘Green’ Business. Being ‘green’ might be considered an oxymoron for some pest control companies, but for Cleankill that is just the way they work – they really care about the environment and actively work with the wildlife. So, while they always provide a first-class service, they always do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment. When writing entries for this category, it is often a case of what we have to leave out, rather than trying to find information to include – a joyous position for a writer to be in. (link to a couple of business award press releases)

So, why should you enter a business award?

There are many reasons a company will benefit from entering a business award – from raising your company’s profile, to demonstrating your confidence in your business and rewarding your staff. Our website has a list of ten reasons a company should enter business awards. (link) We have seen these benefits in the companies we have worked with and, of course, we have reaped the rewards from the awards we have won ourselves.

Now I must return to the award entries for Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm. Apart from being reminded of Christmas in June, writing an award entry for Catsfield is a delight because, when a company does as much as they do to make Christmas magical for their customers, the award almost writes itself – but luckily for us, business leaders are often too busy to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, and so there is always plenty for us to do!

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