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Successful festive PR

Christmas is coming...

November's blog is about our two festive companies - Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm and Badgers Mead Farm

More Awards!

In this month's blog we look at the joys of watching our customers winning at two different business awards.

Wasps Invade Our Media

What started as some help for a journalist, snowballed into our client making it into national and local newspapers, onto local …

Silly season

In the media world, August is called ‘silly season’. Because many people are on holiday – not least the single biggest generator…

Winning Awards

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm has triumphed at the 1066 Business Awards. Here's what it's like for the PR people involved.

Business Award Season

In this blog we reflect on the value of business awards and how we can help companies enter them.

Let me take you down...

Ibbett Mosely recently auctioned some exclusive Beatles photographs from the recording of the promotional film for 'Strawberry F…

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Having a complaints procedure in place is important for every business - not matter how small.

There are no flies on us

Writing about flies this week for our pest control client and looked up some interesting quotes and sayings about flies. 'There …
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