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After a hiatus Suzi has been inspired to write a new blog, and the topic - Inspiration

Toasting Success in Bristol

Suzi recalls the delights of winning at the 2017 CIPR PRide Awards

Academia goes online

In her latest blog, Suzi looks back at some of the work Blueberry PR has done with academic institutions.

Our turn at the awards table

After helping many companies win business awards, we have just been shortlisted for two PRide Awards.

Emergency Services and Public Relations

The terrible events in London have made me remember my time working for Kent Fire and Rescue Services.

Setting the tone: why being friendly and less formal can benefit your business

Suzi considers how formality is giving way to a more friendly approach when companies interact with customers.

Social media and the news: the power of the internet

A look at how getting your PR wrong can be a disaster in the world of social media.

Why you should take social media seriously

A blog about the dangers of leaving social media to the office junior.

The impossible ideal : The Client/PR professional relationship

Following on from January's blog about clients who just want fame, this month Suzi looks at the ideal relationship between clien…

‘I want to be Famous!’ - why PR isn’t what you need.

Suzi looks at the desire for fame and how PR isn't the sort of help you need.
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